An Honest Review Of The X700 Tactical Led Flashlight

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X700 Tactical Flashlight Review and InformationThe X700 tactical flashlight is something of a hot-button issue among tactical equipment users, survival enthusiasts and people who want to be prepared for anything.

While many users swear by the flashlight’s low price and high power, some feel that it is not truly a tactical flashlight in the strictest sense of the term.

Though one’s actual needs for a flashlight should determine the exact flashlight they require, tactical or otherwise, it is perhaps an important thing to consider that sometimes people will have needs of a flashlight they didn’t expect before finding themselves in a bad, potentially dangerous situation they weren’t planning on.

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Benefits of the X70 Tactical Led Flashlight

Among the purported advantages of the X700 tactical led flashlight is the materials it’s built of. Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, the X700 Flashlight is designed to take a severe beating and keep working.

While even military grade flashlights have their upper limits for the kind of damage they can endure, most customers do want something a little more durable than a simple kitchen or key chain flashlight because some situations are more complicated than needing matches during a nighttime power outage.

Can Survive Quite A Bit of Use and Abuse

Aircraft grade aluminum is an excellent choice for these situations as much like a commercial aircraft’s parts; the material can survive quite a bit of use and abuse over an extended period and still perform its vital functions for the user to ensure the safety of those around them.

Light Weighted

On top of being durable, this material is also quite lightweight, making this flashlight ideal for those survival enthusiasts who find themselves on the go a lot and makes a particularly worthwhile traveling companion if one is going somewhere where they do not know what to expect.

X700 Gives You Up to 700 Lumens of Light

Regarding light, the X700 tactical flashlight can come up with up to 700 lumens of light. This does have some tactical applications for users. First off, lumens are a rough measure of exactly how much light a flashlight generates.

X700 Tactical Flashlight

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700 lumens is quite significant, particularly for a flashlight of the X700’s size and cost. While it is more than possible for a flashlight of this magnitude to produce more lumens, for its price, this is quite a bit of power.

A careful scientific discussion of the physics behind lumens would take more wordage than is available, but to give an idea of how powerful 700 lumens is, 100 lumens is more than enough to blind an attacker long enough for the flashlight’s user to flee.

Naturally, at seven times that amount, attackers can be blinded for quite a while and nearly any area can receive more than enough like to make survival possible.

Zoom Feature

The X700 tactical flashlight also has a zoom feature. It can zoom to one time (1x) its usual range or up to two thousand times (2000x) is normal range by condensing the light’s beam.

This feature is also quite handy when one needs to focus their light on a particular spot rather than illuminating the entire area, as well as providing a solid spotlight function for those desperate situations where a good searchlight is needed.

5 Separate Mods

In addition to having a zoom feature, the light also features five separate mods.

There is high mode; maximum light for extreme situations.

There is also medium and low mode, for those situations where less light is needed or excessive light would be undesirable.

Strope Mode

There is also strobe mode, a frantic flashing light mode most useful for blinding would be attackers at a distance.


Finally, there is SOS mode, wherein the light automatically flashes the Morse code signal for SOS, a near universal form of a call for help known to tactical professionals and survival enthusiasts the world over.

How to Use The X700 FlashLight

Using a flashlight as potent as the X700 is in many ways similar to using a flashlight of any other variety. A switch at the end of the flashlight turns it on and off, like many camping grade flashlights that while powerful and durable are not intended for serious survival or tactical applications.

Controlled with a Twist

Also much like other flashlights designed for less severe situations, the light is controlled by twisting the other end of the flashlight to achieve the user’s desired result, be it a powerful blinking strobe to ward off attackers or a focused beam of light.

AAA Batteries

This flashlight runs on 3 AAA disposable batteries. While some tactical experts find this power source somewhat less than ideal, the fact is that it does make it easy and uncomplicated to keep the flashlight functioning.

Using the different modes of the flashlight can take some preparation. Strobe mode should be utilized in a swift, precise motion.

Practice to Perfection

Practicing pointing the light at a human sized target while getting strobe mode activated without blinding oneself is something one should practice before finding themselves in a situation where they need to use it.

However, much like other forms of self-defense such as firearms training and martial arts, practice does make perfect, and unlike more advanced forms of combat training, pointing a flashlight is a simple motion that does not need much practice.

Still, knowing how to do it by instinct can save you precious seconds in an extreme situation.

SOS The Easiest Way

SOS mode is somewhat less complicated; it’s really a matter of knowing where to point the light in your particular situation. If you need to alert an aircraft, pointing it upwards is the right idea, while casting it out over dark waters will likely be a better idea if trying to signal a watercraft.

X700 Flashlight In use

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Overall X700 Tactical Flashlight Review

Overall, the X700 Tactical Flashlight is a worthy flashlight, if not quite as incredible as the marketing makes it sound. While it is a legitimately powerful and durable flashlight, there are more powerful and more durable lights on the market. However, these lights often cost around three times as much as the X700 Tactical Flashlight. So this tactical flashlight is a perfect choice if you are on a tight budget.

Upsides of X700 Tactical Flashlight

The upsides of the X700 are many. Its light source is intensely powerful, perfect for all but the most extreme tactical and survival situations. It is a very durable device, capable of being used in multiple desperate situations over the course of its lifespan in your everyday carry.

On top of that, its extra modes can make it quite flexible, and in survival, flexibility can be the most important thing in a bad situation. And, its batteries are widely available in supermarkets and corner stores, making it a fairly low maintenance device.

Finally, selling for around 56 USD, it is among the lowest cost tactical flashlights on the market today.

Downsides of X700 Tactical Flashlight

However, there are other tactical flashlights that can produce more light and have other power sources.

Additionally, the X700 is tough, but not tough enough to be used as a weapon. While its beam can temporarily blind an attacker, actually dealing with the attacker will have to be handled through other means than striking them with the flashlight itself.

While a truly prepared person will not sweat this, situations can get extreme enough that one will need to use a tough flashlight as a weapon.

How to Buy X700 Flash Light

When buying the X700 Flashlight it is best if you buy it at the official distributor right here.

There are copies out there, that may look good and real, but they do not live up to the quality standards as the real X700 Tactical Flashlight does.

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Your Full Light Strike 360 Tactical Flashlight Review

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Light Strike 360 FlashlightThe Light Strike 360 flashlight is another prime example of the fact that not all flashlights are the same. Anyone who has ever been camping or needing a quality flashlight for working in dark or dimly lit areas understands just how much difference there can be between a small cheaply made flashlight and a professionally made, high-quality model.

If you’re one of those individuals who likes having the best tools, the best equipment, and understands how much of a difference quality can make in the right situations, then you will want to know about the Light Strike 360 Tactical flashlight. It is a flashlight with a lot of press, a lot of buzzes, and plenty of questions that always follow that attention.

So read on to learn all about this flashlight and if it truly lives up to the hype.

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Looking At The General Summary

Light Strike likes to market itself as the absolute strongest and most powerful flashlight you can find on the market. The beam is known for being exceptionally strong and cuts a strong swath of light out of even the darkest areas for clear sight lines. The zoom factor that this particular flashlight allows can make an area even more lit if you need to focus in a little bit.

It is a tactical flashlight, and the company behind it has even worked with military officials seeking their blessing to get both security forces and military forces to laud their design as the #1 tactical flashlight in the world. While so many of the early reports are exceptional, you will want to continue reading on through this Light Strike 360 flashlight review to make sure everything you’re hearing is as good as advertised.

About The Company

The Light Strike 360 Tactical flashlight company tackled designing this tactical flashlight specifically with military and security forces as the target audience. It has led to many benefits since it creates sources of light that are durable, efficient, and last a long time. In addition to this, the flashlight is made with materials that can hold up to the harshest of beatings and environments.

While this company has been known for producing high-quality tactical flashlights in the past, none of them compare to the new 360 model and what it brings to the table. The company’s sole focus on a few truly good flashlight models is what makes them remain so popular over time.

They refused to roll out the 360 model until it had been thoroughly tested by actual military forces and security specialists. Based out of Sweden, they have the ability to make sure this flashlight works in the heat of summer, the extreme cold of winter, and in the deep dark forests where a flashlight’s overall ability gets tested!

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Light Strike 360 tactical flashlight in a forest

Just What Is A Tactical Flashlight?

A tactical flashlight in its pure definition is a light that is designed to be used when mounted on a weapon. This can allow shooters to find targets in chaotic low light settings, send a signal, or to meet a variety of other needs that are going to come up while engaged in all things involving military or security operations in real life.

Military and security forces, as well as many tactical law enforcement organizations such as counter-terrorism agencies or SWAT, still need high-quality tactical equipment such as specialty flashlights, but these are also used by a wider swath of society now. Because a really good tactical flashlight is built to be extremely sturdy (it has to survive being attached to a weapon during military operations) and often is bright enough to blind an attacker or intruder temporarily, they are becoming hugely popular as a self-defense tool for civilians.

The Light Strike 360 flashlight is an excellent example of why these can work so well. You don’t have to worry about fatalities or legality (like with firearms) and in many states even non-lethal self-defense items like tasers, mace, or pepper spray are in a legal gray area that can still get the potential victim in trouble.

However, a flashlight is a flashlight. The extremely bright light can be used temporarily to blind a mugger or an in-home intruder, and because of the strong composite material the flashlight is made from, it can also be used as a very effective club if an actual fight is necessary.

That is what tactical flashlights are, and why LS 360 and X700 Tactical flashlight are so popular both in and outside of the military.

Characteristics of the Light Strike 360 Tactical Flashlight

Many distinctive features of this flashlight have helped it stand up when compared to even many of the other better known tactical lights that are out there on the market. The first thing to notice is the highly polished flashlight lens that is constructed from the same materials and strategies used to create Space Age materials. The heavy duty aluminum used for the construction of these lights makes them extremely durable and able to be used for practical needs as well as in self-defense situations.

The Cree XM-L T6 LED light is what is used to help focus the light into its incredible power, and while batteries will need to be changed from time to time the overall functionality of the light life is over 100,000 hours. A guarantee that is backed up by a factory warranty by the company to make sure every single Light Strike 360 flashlight holds up to the highest standard.

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Features of the Light Strike 360 Flashlight

5 Modes Of Light

There are five main modes of light with the Light Strike 360 Tactical flashlight, making it extremely adaptable to multiple situations. It includes settings that create a strobe light for signaling or an automatic S.O.S. signal that lets anyone who sees it know that you are in need of some serious help. In addition to having these modes, another thing to realize is that these flashlights have unique zoomable modes that help increase the intensity of light into a particular tighter area.

The five main modes are
– High beam
– Medium beam
– Low beam
– Strobe light
– S.O.S. signal

The Light Strike 360 Tactical Flashlight Zoom

When it comes to looking at the many zoomable options that are available, there’s the obvious 1x, 250x, 500x, 1000x, and 2000x. It’s important to note that at this setting, 1x is the brightest for a concentrated area, making it blinding if shined directly at someone’s eyes – and that shouldn’t be done unless it is an emergency situation that requires drastic action for your personal safety.

The Light Strike 360 Materials

These flashlights are made from top notch materials, such as:
– Space Age composites lens that is highly polished
– Heavy duty aluminum construction
– Very compact & easy to carry
– Ultra light weight
– Solid Swedish design & construction
– Multiple settings to narrow and zoom in the light beam

There’s no question that this tactical flashlight sticks out as being one of the best on the market. The company has poured many resources and testing into getting the flashlight right. And this is one of those situations where it looks like you can trust the hype because they knocked it out of the park as far as having a fully functional flashlight. It delivers on all its core uses and still goes that extra mile to provide quality, reliability, and flexibility.

The fact this flashlight remains extremely lightweight and compact despite all the features and strength is amazing.

Special Guarantee on Your Light Strike 360 Tactical flashlight

The Light Strike company puts a premium on making sure all their customers are satisfied. So the good news is that even beyond those top notch materials and designs used to create the Light Strike 360, they also promise their version of the 100% satisfaction guarantee that includes a complete refund if it is returned for any reason.

That type of commitment helps to show just how confident they are in their flashlights and how well put together these outstanding tactical flashlights really are.

So How Does This Flashlight Hold Up?

There are many different flashlights out there, and it can sometimes be hard to separate the hype from the real deal. That being said, there is no question that the Light Strike 360 flashlight is a true winner. While this might be overkill for individuals who need just a very basic bit of light, there’s a lot to like about this model from the ability to light up a large area for a search. To pinpoint beam of highly concentrated light to blind intruders or help get away from a mugger, this is one versatile flashlight.

The price point will vary depending on what type of sales are available, as well as if you are buying new or used. But generally speaking these flashlights go from the $350-$400 range, but they live up to that price point by being the absolute best when it comes to materials, versatility, and just overall quality.

When you have legions of individuals, who have been associated with military service or security forces talking about how outstanding the Light Strike 360 Tactical flashlight model is, it is time to get in line to get your own.

How to Buy Light Strike 360 Flashlight

If you want to buy Light Strike 360 flashlight, the best you can do is to buy at the official vendor. It currently gives you a 75% discount and guarantees you that your Light Strike 360 flashlight is genuine and comes with free shipping.

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